A young Parisian painter dies but lives on (and changes destinies) from inside a painted snuffbox.

The Novel

When a football coach questions the masculinity of his team's Indian mascot, his two sons take corrective action.  (Full 1-hour broadcast)

Just a few of the stories I wrote for the NPR program Theme and Variations back at the turn of the millennium.  These are the original broadcasts from 12-15 years ago. The stories take on a variety of themes:  displacement, resurrection, love and hate. Some of the stories are a bit sentimental, others are okay. One or two are pretty good.

For 60 years, a love story has been buried beneath a lake. Now that lake is being drained, giving an aged suitor one last chance to recapture the memory of young love.

The Message

A teenager dabbling with Christian fundamentalism sets out to convert his stepfather.

for four-part men's chorus

Music by Joseph Martin

Lyrics by Will Everett

Hal Leonard Publications - View it here

The town vagabond, feeling restless, tries to recapture the glory of his vanished youth.

Selected Short Fiction

W  I  L  L    E  V  E  R  E  T  T           writer   producer  traveler

Two lost souls strike up an unusual friendship in war-torn Afghanistan. Karimullah is looking for sanctuary after years of exploitation at the hands of a violent master. Hunter Ames, a middle-aged aid worker grappling with his own tragic past, sets out to rescue him. But malevolent forces shadow their escape, bringing a lesson of redemption and a confrontation with pure evil. Buy it